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yellow tea

The lost tea


Here we are! Another color! 
Yellow tea is probably the hardest tea to find even in specialized tea shops (so no hope to find it at the supermarket).
If the name was strange enough, how it is made is even more weird. It's in the middle between a green tea and a pu erh tea.
So the process is similar to the green one, but then it is subjected to a partial enzymatic oxidation (also called postfermentation). This process gives to the leaves a slightly yellow color, from which the tea takes its name.

Yellow tea is made only in China and sometimes you can also find this name to be referring to the most high quality green teas.
Somewhere you can also find it written that yellow tea is healthier than white, but there is no proof in such a claim. Don't expect to find this tea in sachets, the only way to obtain it is in loose leaf, so bring a teapot with you!

Actually I have never found flavored version of this tea.

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