types of tea


Black tea's
younger brother


Green tea, in the West, isn't drunk as much as the black ones, while in the East, especially in japan, the situation is exactly the opposite. Just thinking on the fact that in Japan, all the tea production is green tea. In the West it isn't so common, probably because it isn't a suitable substitute to coffee as much as black tea (moreover in Italy coffee is like a religion..but this another topic). in fact green tea contains a lower quantity of theine, so it isn't so stimulating as the black one, but it has other benefits.

A lower quantity of theine means that it is perfect to be drunk before going to bed or simply if you are particularly sensitive to caffeine. Due to the different process in which the leaves are involved in respect to black tea, green tea contains a huge quantity of antioxidants, vitamins and also mineral salt which makes this drink really refreshing, especially during the summer. Remember to pay lot of attention to the water temperature because the green tea leaves are more delicate in respect to the black, so always refer to the recommended temperature written on the label. Too hot water will "burn" the leaf, resulting in a brew which will be very bitter and not very tasty.

The major difference in the process is that in green tea the fermantation is avoided: this is why the leaves keep their green colour, while black tea leaves become, of course, black/brown. In order to avoid it, leafs are "cooked" with steam for a minimum of 30 seconds; in this way some enzymes are destroyed and the fermentation process can't start.
Despite its name, green teas which give a green brew are few and usually are all from Japan. 

Also flavored versions of green tea are commonly found: just think about the mint green tea!

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