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First of all: no, rooibos isn't a real tea. Sometimes you can find it under the name "red tea", but it didn't come from the Camellia Sinensis, but from the Aspalathus linearis, which is an african bush. In fact, as you see from the photo, rooibos leaves don't have the same color as tea: they are red instead of black, green, or white. 

When it is infused, it gives the water a deep red color, quite similar to the black one, but it tastes completely different. I doesn't have the strong bitter characteristic of black tea, rather it's very smooth and sweet.
If you drink tea without adding sugar, of course don't add it in rooibos, otherwise this infusion could be an "easier" starting point in order to avoid the adding of sugar in your tea. Another big difference in respect to tea, is that rooibos is naturally theine free, so you can drink it before going to bed without any problem of insomnia.

Actually I have never found it pure, but always mixed with some aromas; i don't know exactly why.
It isn't expensive, so if you like herbal tea, give rooibos a try, it could surprise you!

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