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Tea type: white tea

Brand: Cape and Cape

How to prepare it: 4-5 minutes, 70°C (160 °F)

Dry scent:

It's totally absurd how much its scent recall to milk chocolate (really, I'm not jocking, it's like opening a new milk chocolate bar). After a while a slight bitterness comes out, closer to sweet powder cocoa. At the end a smooth herbal note arises.

Liquor's colour:

Pale yellow.

Liquor's scent:

Completely different respect to before: it's

really light. The cocoa's notes are defintely disappeared, leaving space to more herbal hints, mix up with a not so well defined background sweetness. At the end a vague aroma of wood and honey is showed up.


Still different. It's really sweet and now the main flavour is something really closer to honey. At the beginning is quite watery, but after a few second the the flavour starts to arises, but slowly. There is a light woody base, but almost neither an herbal note. At the end there is a "shy" sweetness which recal a little bit the sweet cocoa. Not so full-bodied.


Its scents have almost nothing in common, while its taste take a bit of all from both. Everytime you taste it, you find something new, or different, respect before. A strange tea, really criptic under certain aspects, but still enjoyable. If you like solving puzzle, maybe you will love it.

My score is 8/10


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