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Tea type: herbal tea

Brand: Wild Asparagus Tea

How to prepare it: 4 minutes, 80°C (175 °F)

Dry scent:

It's a very strange scent, really far from any other tea/herbal tea that I have ever tasted. It's extremely strong, prickly: in one word? Wild. It remembers a little bit the normal asparagus in the end, with huge herbal and salty notes, which recall to an umami flavour.

Liquor's colour:

Extremely light yellow, with an hint of green.

Liquor's scent:

Less intense than before, but really consistent. The strong umami note now disappears, while a kind of sweet scent arises within the asparagus flavour.


Definitely strange: it's something out of the ordinary. At the beginning it's really light, but after a while it opens both on sweet and salty notes; it's a sort of umami taste. The asparagus' flavour is presents, but there is

also something different; something of prickly and wild. It leaves a persisten umami aftertaste with strong herbal hints.


It's not the usual tea or herbal tea: it's something which play on a different league. It has a trully particular taste, quite difficult to describes. There aren't half-measures: or you love it or you hate it. If you're looking for something extremely different than the usual, give a try to this infusion.


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