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Tea type: Oolong tea

Brand: Daurim

How to prepare it: 4g per 120 ml, 20+ seconds, 90/100 °C (194/212 °F), up to 4/5 infusions

Dry scent:

Sweet and full-bodied. At first there are strong herbal notes that leave room to an arising sweetness which recalls to pure licorice, not the root. At the end, slightly fruity hints - maybe peach? - and hay.

Liquor's colour:

Pale yellow.

First steep:

  • Liquor's scent: Extremely light, watery, with few herbal notes.

  • Taste: Gentle, definitely sweet characterize by the by the presence of herbish notes with a sugary aftertaste.

Second steep:

  • Liquor's scent: As before in the first steep, but thicker and less watery.

  • Taste: At first is becomes a little bit more bittery - almond - with respect before, but after a while the sweet fruity notes of peach and apple comes out, recalling the sugary aftertaste of the first steep. Still present a herbal background. It leaves now a slightly astringent, sweetish aftertaste.

Third steep:

  • Liquor's scent: Consistent with respect before.

  • Taste: Consistent with respect before, quite dense and full-bodied.

Fourth steep:

  • Liquor's scent: As before, but with a touch of dried fruits, like almonds and chestnuts.

  • Taste: Now the fruity dimension of this tea comes out, revealing peach and pear hints together with dried fruits. The herbal background disappears, leaving a fresh and astringent aftertaste.

Fifth steep:

Now both its scent and taste are extremely light, recalling just a little bit the fourth steep.


An oolong tea with a huge scent of licorice (and i love licorice) mixed up with herbal and slightly fruity notes. It's always dense and full-bodied ranging from the first to the last steep, revealing each times a different profile. I also steeped it in the occidental way (95 °C (200° F), 2g per 200 ml for 3' 30"), resulting in even more full-bodied infusion, with strong dried fruits taste and no bitterness. (The packaging is simply beatiful)

My score is: 8.5/10


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