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Tea type: flavoured black tea

Brand: Kanuka

How to prepare it: 3-4 minutes, 100°C (212 °F)

Dry scent:

You can smell the vanilla scent even just approaching to the packging, and when you open it: BOOM! A totally explosion of vanilla, strong and sweet, almost creamy. However that's not all: there is also something more austere, which reminds a little bit to bourbon (without the alchol part, of course).

Liquor's colour:

Light brown.

Liquor's scent:

Exactly equal to before. I love how its scent slowly expands through all the room. Now also the black tea used as base gain its small space.


It's really sweet, with vanilla in all its shades, as its main flavour (of course, isn't it? ahah). There are also a few tannins given by black tea, which balance a little bit the extremely sweetness of this tea.


Vannilla, tea, custard and maybe also bourbon addicted raise your hands and be happy: we have found a solution wich really suit all of you. Try this tea and let us your opinion. For us this is the most powerfull vanilla tea that we have ever tried.

My score is 8.5/10


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