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Tea type: flavoured pu-erh tea

Brand: Peter's tea house

How to prepare it: 3 to 4 minutes, 95 °C (205 °F)

Dry scent:

At the beginning you can smell quite well the earthy notes of the pu-erh which aren't covered by its flavouring. Then the vanilla notes arises starting to mixing up perfectly with the ones of pu-erh, giving almost a sensation of alcohol.

Liquor's coluor:


Liquor's scent:

Extremely consistent to the dry one, with

strong notes of pu-erh at first and vanilla at the end.


Vanilla and pu-erh are two taste which combine very well if put together: the earthy notes of pu-erh give thickness and bitterness while the vanilla ones bring sweetness. The first one are shown a the beginning while the last one at the end: really a linear tea, extremely consistents with all its scents. The transistion between this two flavours isn't abrupt, but it happens gradually. In this way all its aromas are shown, and moreover each one exalts all the others.


What I have appraciated most in this tea is its light flavouring, which doesn't cover the pu-erh tea taste, but, on the contrary, it works in the opposite direction. The gradually transistion between this two taste, give you time to taste both of them taking your time.

Really a good flavoured pu-erh tea.

My score is: 8/10


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