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Tea type: Rooibos / Herbal tea

Brand: La Via Del Te

How to prepare it: 4-5 minutes at 90°C (190 °F)

Dry Scent:

Extremely sweet and dense with strong notes of exotic fruits and vanilla. Sometimes it recalls to sparkling candies. Spicy hints of rooibos at the end.

Liquor's colour:

Deep orange.

Liquor's scent:

Truly consistent with respect to its dry scent, with ripe exotic fruit notes in first place.


At first it gives a citrusy sensation, quite smooth and gentle. Initially it is a little bit sweetish, but the spiyness of rooibos balances quite well this side. Also its taste is truly consistent with its previous scents, showing huge notes of exotic fruits.


Really a sweet and smooth herbal tea, which makes the exotic fruits its main profile. Sometimes it tends to be a little bit

sweetish, but its perfect for mid-

morning/afternoon break.

My score is: 8/10


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