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Tea type: black tea

Brand: Tee Aus Nepal

How to prepare it: 3-5 minutes, 85°C (185 °F)

Dry scent:

It has a really particular scent, which doesn't recall to black tea. There is a strong flavour closer to liquorice root with a few balsamic hints - maybe a little of anise? -. Going towards the end a light spicy note arises.

Liquor's colour:

Dark orange.

Liquor's scent:

Finally the usual black tea's scent show up! It has a sweet, thick woody aroma given by

its tannins. Sometimes there is something which reminds me to a Darjeeling.


At first impression there is still something, as before, which reminds me to a Darjeeling black tea, with a tiny spiceness, but without any bitterness. Then there is a light herbal note which is immediately balanced by the general sweetness of this tea. It's a tea with medium intense flavour, but sweet and smooth at the same time. It doesn't leave a particular aftertaste.


A simple tea, which slightly reminds sometime to a Darjeeling, trhough its spiceness. A good everyday tea, especially in the afternoon or to be kept with you at work. A tea to be drunk without too many tought.

My score: 7.25/10


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