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Tea type: flavoured black tea Brand: Palais Des Tés How to prepare it: 4-5 minutes, 95°C (200 °F)

Dry scent: Definitely strong bergamot notes - a true earl grey -. It’s strong, but not annoying: it’s gentle at the same time.

Liquor’s scent:

The main flavor is still bergamot – of course -, but now also black tea’s woody notes come out. Fresh citrus and woody scent in a few words.

Liquor's colour:

Deep orange.


No bitterness. Bergamot arises slowly and smoothly, reaching its maximum after a few seconds. Initially this tea tastes a little bit different respect from what I expected for a classic earl grey: maybe it’s the safflower’s flavour? Previous woody notes still present. It leaves you a pleasant and clean citrus aftertaste.


A real earl grey, clean and smooth, which is able to surprise through some unexpected flavor at the beginning. Perfect in the afternoon as in the morning.



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