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Tea type: black tea

Brand: Peter's tea house

How to prepare it: 4 to 5 minutes, 90 °C

Dry scent:

At first it shows an unusual strong herbal notes for a black tea, which then evolves into wood. There is a background sweetness with notes of bitter cocoa.

Liquor's colour:

Deep orange.

Liquor's scent:

More herbal with respect before with a watery feeling. Still remain a light sourness, which reminds to dark chocolate.


Initially there are both strong herbal and sour notes, which reminds to freshly cut grass. It has something in common with the gunpowder green tea, but more bittery at the end. Waiting a little bit, it becomes sweeter, with wood and honey hints, which help to balance the initial herbal and sour taste.


An African black tea which initially remembers a little bit the gunpowder green tea, but then it shows also the typical wood notes of black teas. Overall its really an uncommon black tea, which has a strong prickly aroma. Not for everyone.

My score is: 7.5/10


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