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Tea type: Black tea

Brand: Adagio Teas

How to prepare it: 2-3 minutes, 100 °C ( 212 °F) / I suggest 4-5 minutes at 100 °C (212 °F)

Dry scent:

Truly aromatic and at first is like an explosion of many differents aromas: initially there is a really sweet note, which strongly recalls to grape but also to candied fruits, which, together with a slightly, warm, bitterness given by tannins, immediately reminds me the scent of one of the most typical italian dessert: Panettone. Really surprisingly! Then, it shows notes closer to wood, but still very sweet, not sweetish. It is really full bodied.

Liquor's colour:

Bright yellow

Liquor's scent:

Consistent with its dry scent, full-bodied and defintely dense. There are strong herbal notes mixed up with, how to concetrated fruits with few tannins.


It strongly depends by the brew temperature: I found out, for my taste, that is better brew the leaves for 4-5 minutes at 100 °C, rather then for 2-3 minutes at the same temperature.

Brewed for 4-5 minutes, it delivers an infusion consisten with its scents: dense and concentrated. The idea of Panettone is get lost, but the feeling of candied fruits with a slightly bitterness in the background given by tannins is still there. Of course there are also some herbal notes. It leaves a slightly astringent, fruity aftertaste.

On the countrary, brewing it for less time, of around 2' 30", it gives a more watery brew, without the same impact of its dry scent.


Definetely one of the best scent that I have ever found in a tea: simply astonishing. I have still to understand the perfect brew time, for my taste of course, but a longer brew gives, for me, a better results, which is more consistent with such a spectacular scent.

My score is: 8,75/10


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