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Tea type: herbal tea

Brand: Fine Tea

How to prepare it: 5 minutes, 95°C (200 °F)

Dry scent:

It's extremely sweet, strong and full-bodied; thick. There are lots of different scents: in first place huge notes of sweet and ripe fruits arises, which remind me to peach, apricot and berries in general. Then it gradually evolves towards a really fresh mint, which gives additionally sustain to this infusion. At the end a few sour and herbal notes given by the lemon balm.

Liquor's colour:

Opaque yellow.

Liquor's scent:

Really close to the dry one, but now mint is even more put in evidence, which is mix up with the herbal notes of this infusion. It keeps the same previous sweetness.


At first place lots of mint: sweet and thick, but not so intese to cover all the other aromas. There is that strong sweetness which characterize this tea, which I link to berries

without their typical sourness. The "funniest" thing is that here flavours are exactly showed in opposite way respect to its scent: firstly mint and then fruit, while before it was on the contrary. However there is a background sourness which balance a little this sweetness (which is never annoyng). The different leaves used in this blend offers a good base, since they are able to perfectly mix up all these flavours without covering anyone of them. It leaves a light, sweetish and slightly sour aftertaste.


An herbal tea with multiple shades. Under certain aspects it reminds a little the mint green tea, but instead of its typical bitterness there is a wonderful sweetness made up of many different fruits.

My score is 9/10


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