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Tea type: first flush Darjeeling

Brand: Palais Des Tés

How to prepare it: 3' 45" , 80°C (185 °F)

Dry scent:

One of the sweeter first flush Darjeeling I have ever smel, thick and full-bodied. There are immediately wooden notes with a few herbal hints - less intense respect to all the others first flush -. There is a non-so-defined sweetness in the background.

Liquor's colour:

Intense yellow.

Liquor's scent:

Strong wooden notes, thick, which brings

some tannins that give more complexity its scent. Now the previous background sweetness evolves toward honey. At the end, a few herbal notes are shown.


Particular, unexpected. It's an "arising tea": it starts with sweet notes and slowly it evolves toward a wooden and herbal dimension. It seems there is a little bit of chlorophyll, wich gives a slightly herbish and bitterness hints. Then it's turn of tannins which give a dry sensation rather than to bitterness one. Once

a time you get use to this tea, the previous sweetness become closer to honey, sugar and flowers. It leaves a weakly astringent aftertaste.


A light and unexpeted first flush Darjeeling, "shy" in a certain sense, but suggestive. It's gretaer weakness is its low intensity, but take your time to undertand it.



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