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Tea type: white tea

Brand: Paper & Tea

How to prepare it:

  • Quantity: 2 teaspoon per 250ml

  • Water temperature: 80 °C (175 °F)

  • Steeping time: 3 / 4 minutes

  • Number of infusions: 2

Dry scent:

One of best scent that I have ever met in a tea. Truly dense and sweet with strong notes of berries, raspberry in particular. Then a more flowery dimesion arises succedeed by an herbal one, recalling chamomille and hay.

Liquor's colour:

Almost transparent for both infusions.

Liquor's scent:

  • First steep: extremely light with just

few raspberry hint at the end.

  • Second steep: still very light, but now, initially, it shows a spicy note of pepper while then it evolves in a more sweet dimension, recalling the raspeberry notes.


  • First steep: extremely light. Initially it shows few herbal notes of hay, but then some sweet notes of raspberry and flowery hint arise. It is more like

to an aftertaste rather than to the real taste of the tea. It leaves an astringent aftertaste made up of sweet notes of raspberry and


  • Second steep: definetely lighter and more herbal with respecet to the first steep with the same raspberry sweet notes at the end.


I'm a little bit confused in front of this tea: it has a wonderful scent, one of the best among all the teas that I have ever tried, which isn't re-proposed in its taste. It is extremely light, maybe too much, with an interesting, long aftertaste. It's really a strange tea made up of contrasts.

My score is : 7.25/10


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