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Tea type: Green Tea

Brand: Ahista Tea

How to prepare it: 3-4 minutes, 80 °C ( 175 °F)

Dry scent:

Sweet and dense, smooth. It shows strong fruity notes, in particular peach and apricot. Maybe a hint of pear?

Liquor's colour:

Pale yellow.

Liquor's scent:

Consistent with its dry scent, sweet and fruity, but more floral and herbal. At the end there is a vague idea of nut.


Light and smooth, with a little astringency at the beginning given by the herbal notes that are

now stronger and with also few tannins. It's sweet, but balanced, with a fruit-based sweetness - peach and apricot -. It leaves a huge sweet note made up of fruits quite unexpected.


A sweet and light green tea, elegant, which makes sweetness as its strong point. Truly enjoyable during its finish, with a sweet notes that recall to bite a ripe, juicy fruit.

My score is: 8.25/10


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