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Tea type: white tea

Brand: Goldentips

How to prepare it: 5-8 minutes, 76-85°C (170-185 °F)

Dry scent:

Intense, with strong and sweet vegetal notes which recalls to hay. After that a really huge scent of chlorophyll arises, remembering a little bit (but very far away) the matcha's vegetal aroma, mix up with a sligthly background wooden hints.

Liquor's colour:

Light yellow.

Liquor's scent:

Closer to a green tea rather than to a white

tea. Now it remembers more a sencha tea, with its slightly bitter - tannins - vegetal notes.


Really different respect both its previous scents: as many other white teas, it recalls to honey notes; really sweet. At the beginning there's not such a huge flavour - a little bit too watery -, but after a few seconds, behind the honey sweetness, a strong - quite prickly - floreal aroma arises, without any bitterness or wooden background. It leaves a really

light, herbal aftertaste.


A Darjeeling white tea with huge notes of chlorophyll which recalls a little, but little, bit the japanese green teas. However once it's tasted, it show a flavour really far away from the japanese world. A quite unsusual white tea, sweet and floreal.

My score: 8/10


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