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Tea type: flavoured green tea

Brand: Palais Des Thés

How to prepare it: 3 minutes, 80°C (175 °F)

Dry scent:

Strong and sweet notes of berries, almost creamy and really thick. Then there is also huge floral sensation - rose in particular - and at the end, a slightly sour hint from the green tea arises.

Liquor's colour:


Liquor's scent:

Truly fruity, aromatic thick and sweet. At the beginning it remembers me quite a lot Lu-Yu, but without its sourness. Here the

rose hints are even more stronger than before, with an astringent ending.


The main flavour is the rose and it's so powerfull that seem to be closer to an infusion of roses than a green tea. However that's not all the story: there a huge berries sweetness which gives sustain to the rose flavour, rather than to cover it. This two taste mix up really well. At the end there are a few astringent notes, but never bitter.


I think that everyone must try this tea once in their life: thick, sweet and elegant. It's like an infusion of roses, but on a higher level.

My score is: 8.75/10


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