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Tea type: rooibos Brand: Peter's TeaHouse

How to prepare it: 5/8 minutes at 95°C

Dry scent:

There is something which is fresh and sweet: papaya? Something else remind me a smooth sweetness, like vanilla, but i'm quite sure that it's the rooibos' naturally sweetness. Then cinnamon start to coming out, but it's light, sweet: it gives a new spicy dimension to this infusion. At the end a shy apple adds a little sour note.

Liquor's color:

Bright orange.

Liquor's scent:

It's strange, very strange. There is like a roasted note, and sometimes it reminds me the salt dough, the one that, when I was a child, I used to built up awful objects. Extremely, totally, different from before. However cinnamon and apple try to coming out of all that weirdness.


Definitly more coherent with the dry scent: what a relief! How to describes it in just two word? Apple and cinnamon. The mix is very harmonious: they succeeded in used cinnamon without cover all the others flavors with it. It starts with a sweet apple, and then cinnamon adds more complexity, always in that "vanilla-like" background.


It's a very good, and well built up, infusion. It's best skill is probably the perfect balance between all the flavors: no one is predominat on the other ones, but all cooperate.

My score is 8/10


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