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Tea type: green tea Brand: Peter's TeaHouse

How to prepare it: 2/3 minutes at 80°C

Dry scent:

Strong sweet flavor, but it is a bit confused, not well defined. There is something that remind me the idea of citrus fuits..but still not to sharp.

Liquor's color:

Very light yellow.

Liquor's scent:

Here the previous sweetness is less marked, giving space to green tea flavor

which give a slightly astringent note. There is always that confused aroma of citrus fruits.


I would expected it a little bit more powerful, stronger, but it's quite light...maybe also too much light. Very coherent with its scent, but it hasn't the same intensity. Now the mango's flavor begin to come out at end, but there still that confused sweetness.


The scent is better respect how it tastes: very light and simple taste, just sweet. If you want a sweet, simple green tea, that cuold be a possibility.

My score is 6,3/10


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