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Tea type: fruit infusion Brand: Peter's TeaHouse

How to prepare it: 5/10 minutes at 95°C

Dry scent: Ginger!! Lot of ginger! It almost remind me the cola flavor since it's so strong. Then there is a background of citrus fruits, orange, with the classical sour and spicy notes given by the hibiscus.

Liquor's color:

Very very deep pink/red (an amazing color).

Liquor's scent:

Ginger - orange - hibiscus strong like a punch.


Very spicy, here the hibiscus taste is predominant and well bonded with the ginger, which adds antother spicy notes to the infusion. Now it's time for the orange: in this case it gives a sweet and smooth note, instead an acid one. It balance in a good way an infusion which would be, otherwise, to much sour.


Who know me very well, knows that i'm not a huge fan of hibiscus: i don't like sour flavors. However this infusion is built up in a very good way, so, if you like hibiscus, try it!

My score is 7/10 (but it will e probably a higher one if would like hibiscus).


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