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Tea type: flavoured rooibos

Brand: Kanuka

How to prepare it: 4 minutes, 100°C (205 °F)

Dry scent:

As soon as you open the packaging an extremely huge scent of sweet and fizzy orange literally invades your nose, like you were peeling an orange in that exact moment.. It recalls quite a lot the orange candies' aroma. At the end, the previous fizzyness become more fresh, closer to mint.

Liquor's colour:

Deep orange.

Liquor's scent:

You can smeel quite well the orange aroma as before, but now the mint disappeared. However differents notes of sweet wood arises, showing up the rooibos used as base for this infusion.


At first it's really creamy and thick. The orange flavour in not so strong as it seemed to be, but it's still quite strong. There is a background sweetness from the rooibos which contributes to such a creamy texture,

and balances a little bit the orange aroma, but it remains the main flavour. At the end a fresh sensation arises, maybe given by the mint. It leaves a fresh citrusy aftertaste.


If you are in love with orange based infusions, try this blend. Moreover it's without caffeine, so you can drink it also in the evening. Maybe it's little bit too simple - tons of orange - but it's well done.

My score is: 7.5/10


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