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Tea type: herbal tea Brand: Peter's TeaHouse

How to prepare it: 5/10 minutes at 95°C

Dry scent:

I have to be honest: it's the first time that i meet the moringa, so I don't know what is its scent, neither how it taste. It's interesting. There is a scent which is completely unknown to me: it could be the moringa? Maybe. Then I notice something which is more familiar: lemongrass. However there are many flavors that are completely unknown to me.

Liquor's color:

Bright yellow.

Liquor's scent:

It's the same story of a few seconds ago. However now i found something similar to strawberry. It's a very curios mix this one!


Definitly unexpected: it's a "lemon party"! Lemongrass is very strong, but it isn't annoyng. What I think that would be the moringa, gives body to the infusion, and also adds a smooth herbal notes which bonds perfectly with the lemongrass. However there are always all that aromas which i can't understand just because I have never tried them.


Unusual, particular, interisting. Absolutely to be tried at least once time! The lemon's aroma of the leomgrass gives such a feeling of freshness and cleanliness, while the moringa, supporting it, adds body and complexity, without covering all the others mysterious falvors.

My score is 7.5/10


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