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Updated: Jun 18, 2018

Tea type: black tea Brand: Team Tea

How to prepare it: 4 minutes, 100°C (212 °F)

Dry scent: At the beginning there are dark chocolate and woody notes. Then a slightly spicy note - like pepper - arises with some tannins at the end.

Liquor’s colour:

Dark orange.

Liquor’s scent:

Now, the previous chocolate note disappears while a citrus one comes out which reminds me the candied orange.

Woody notes are still present and in the end some spicy notes are shown.


Definitely smooth, but full-bodied, soft. No bitterness. It shows the previous citrus note mixed up with a slight bitterness which recalls the dark chocolate note of the dry scent. Have you ever tried candied orange covered with dark chocolate? That’s the idea. At the end it leaves you with a soft tannin and astringent aftertaste.


Not the usual Ceylon’s tea that we commonly drink in the morning. Sometime it’s a little bit too smooth, but it’s perfect as an afternoon tea rather than for breakfast.



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