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Tea type: fruit infusion Brand: Peter's TeaHouse

How to prepare it: 5/10 minutes at 95°C

Dry tea scent:

Very very sweet, like opening a sachets of marshmallow. Vanilla and strawberry are the main flavors.

Liquor's color:

Bright orange, almost pink.

Liquor's scent:

Very similar to the first one, but now the sugary component is even more showed. Strawberry and apple are the main characters, but after a few seconds a slightly aromas of vanilla came out balancing the sourness of the two fruit.


At first impact there is all the sourness

gives by the apple and the strawberry, which is more "powerfull" respect what i was expected. After that, slowly, arise a smooth taste of vanilla which is perfectly in contrast with all that sourness.


A fruit infusion made of huge contrasts: on one side it's sour, but on the other side it's sweet and very smooth. I am not a huge fan of sour taste, but if you are, this fruit infusion can be a good choice. Just because I don't like sour taste, i will not give a score this time.


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