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Tea type: black tea Brand: Peter's tea house

How to prepare it: 3 to 5 minutes, 90 °C

Dry scent:

Like opening a pack of mint-coated liquorice candies. Also, a slight flavour of anise.

Liquor's color:

Dark brown.

Liquor's scent:

Still tastes like liquorice and anise, less minty though. The flavour of the black tea rises in the end, originally being covered by the other scents.


The liquorice taste isn't as intense as expected: it's soft and smooth. However, it’s known to be a flavour who likes playing hide-and-seek: whenever you savour a liquorice-based brew, its flavour isn't immediately perceivable on the edge of the tongue, but in its backward, especially on the sides. More like a hidden, thick sweetness, it’s perhaps covered too much by the bitterness of the black tea.


An explosive scent, but a -not so explosive- taste. It's not so simple, to obtain a strong liquorice flavour. However, it’s a good tea. You can drink this on your afternoon break instead of the usual one. Its only defect, in my opinion, is its too strong bitterness in the first place.

My score is 7.5/10


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