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Tea type: herbal tea Brand: T2tea

How to prepare it: 3/5 minutes, 100 °C

Dry scent:

A huge flavour of ginger and lemon, of course. However, the lemon is softer, more herbish: in fact, it's lemongrass, not real lemon.

Liquor's colour:

Very very bright yellow with a hint of light green.

Liquor's scent:

Same as the dry one, only this time being the lemon stronger than before.


In the first place you savour lemon: a lemon blast! Really strong, but not exasperating. Ginger give the brew body and in the meantime boosts the lemongrass.


A very, very good herbal tea: a well-made reboot of the classic lemon-ginger brew.

Ginger and lemongrass are in perfect

balance: none of them dominates the other. Since ginger often covers all the others flavours, it ain’t so easy to find some. Perfect for these cold days!

My score is 8/10.


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