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Tea type: herbal/green/white tea Brand: løv tea

How to prepare it: 3 minutes, 75 °C, 2g per 200ml

Dry scent:

At first, huge notes of peach and apricot surrounded by a sweetness which reminds of exotic fruits. Then, some herbish hint of mate and green tea comes out. The whole scent, however, is mainly about peach and apricot.

Liquor's color:

Bright yellow.

Liquor's scent:

Same as the dry one. All those previous flavours brought together into your cup.


Very sweet, but not sugary: a pleasant sweetness, not too much, neither too little. Peach and apricot, they hit like a punch: a total explosion of flavours with no bitterness at all. Green tea and mate are essential to give texture to the infusion, which would be somehow poor without them.


I have seldom found a tea so consistent in scent and taste. Highly recommended, especially in the afternoon and in evening time. Pay much attention to the water temperature, which must be 75°C/167°F; otherwise, if too hot, the tea would burn and you’d just get a bitter brew.

My score is 9/10.

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