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Kashmir Tchaï

Tea type: flavoured black tea

Brand: Kusmi Tea

How to prepare it: 3-4 minutes, 90°C (190 °F)

Dry scent:

Extremely spicy; strong. Huge notes of cardamom, cloves, ginger and black pepper. Then such a balsamic scent starts to arise, close to mint. A slightly woody aroma, which remind to liquorice and fennel seeds follows. Citrus hints at the end.

Liquor's colour:

Dark orange/brown.

Liquor's scent:

Now the black tea's aroma is more evidence

than before. The citrus notes are disapparead, while the woody one - liquorice and fennel seeds - are stronger. At the end the spiciness of this tea is again showed up, with cardamom, cloves and cinnamon over all.


Truly smooth, but still strong and full-bodied. At the beginning there are both spicy and bitter flavouring: for the spicy side we have cardamom and cloves, while the bitterness really reminds to dark chocolate;

let me say spicy dark chocolate. Really interesting. Then ginger become the main flavour, with its caracterist spicyness, wich give a "fizzy" touch to the brew. It continues on spicy chocolate notes, which persist a long. It leaves you an astrigent and light spicy aftertaste.


A chai tea as it must be: spicy, but not extreme, with reminds to dark chocolate and never boring. Perfect whenever you would like to have a chai tea.

My score: 9/10


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