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Tea type: pure rooibos

Brand: Cape and Cape

How to prepare it: 5 minutes, 90°C (195 °F)

Dry scent:

It has a very light scent with some roasted hints. Rooibos always reminds me brine (I don’t know why), but I like it. Then slight fruit notes - a sweet and sugary pear, as in green rooibos; here its review – arise, while at the end there are some reminds to dried fruit, such as walnuts and hazelnuts mixed up with yellow apple. A very fresh, and at the same time roasted, scent.

Liquor’s colour:


Liquor’s scent:

There are a few roasted notes that now remind me wood. Fruity notes are now more in evidence than before, made by pear, apple and berries. The brine scent disappears leaving a sweetish aroma.


Light, smooth and full-bodied. It’s sweet, with strong notes of pear and apple. No bitterness, neither astringency. At the end, roasted dried fruits notes are shown up.


Light with a non-so strong taste, but really full-bodied. Better to drink it alone, without any biscuits or something else due to its smoothness. Perfect before going to sleep or as an after-dinner. It’s quite unusual, and also difficult, to find a non-flavoured rooibos: if you are interested in discovering how does it taste, that’s you’re canche.



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