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Tea type: black tea

Brand: 4Track Tea

How to prepare it: 4 minutes, 100°C (210 °F)

Dry scent:

Really sweet and thick with strong notes of raisin at first, sorrounded by a huge malty sensation. After a while, slowly, the malty notes become woody ones, still really sweet and full-bodied.

Liquor's colour:


Liquor's scent:

It's quite consistent with it dry scent - sweet woody notes -, but now it's a little bit more complex. At first it tends to recall honey,

while at the end there are also some floral hints.


Definetely unexpected and quite different respect what I expected from its scent. At the beginning there is a strong floral sensation, but also herbal and woody at the same time. Then there are sugary honey notes which contrast the previously sensation. At the end there are a few woody hints. There aren't any trace of bitterness or tannins. It leaves a slightly

astrigent aftertaste.


An interesting tea which gain complexity at each step of the infusion process. Its taste is quite uncommon and could confuse at first. If you are within all these one who are "in trouble" with this the first time, try it a second time - trust me -. It's quite a complex tea, not easily so easily to drink, but really intruiguing.

My score is: 7.5/10.


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