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High mountain darjeeling

Tea type: second flush, oolong tea Brand: Vahdam

How to prepare it: 4/5 minutes, 80/90° C, 2g per 180ml

Dry scent:

Light spicy wood, maybe nutmeg or cardamom. Then there is such a sweet flavor which remaind to fruit in general.

Liquor's color:

amber with orange reflexes.

Liquor's scent:

Here the fruity notes is less evident respect before in favor of the astringent flavor of tannins. The light spicy wood is

put more in evidence with a nutmeg in foreground.


Immediatly reminds the liquorice root, but in more woody way. The bitterness is totally hidden (if you are use to drink tea, or coffee, without sugar), with a smooth, round taste: not "an aggressive" tea. Medium/light body with a final totally on wood and liquorice with a hint of apple peel (the only bitter note of this tea).


The almost completely absence of bitterness in taste, contrary to it's scent, is very strange, but it's also a good news: i think that no one like just a bitter tea. A very good tea, smooth and sweet, perfect in the afternoon or during the mid-morning.

My score is 8.5/10


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