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Tea type: herbal tea

Brand: Fine Tea

How to prepare it: 5-10 minutes, 95°C (200 °F)

Dry scent:

Berries in all their shades and power! Blackberries, blueberries, blackcurrants and redcurrants show their sweet side in this herbal tea: seem to be almost sugary. Then a more sour notes arises, showing the hybiscus used as base in this infusion. There is also a sort of oily feeling.

Liquor's colour:


Liquor's scent:

Now you can smell quite well the presence of the hybscus with its strong sour notes, while the sweet berries hints arise at the end.


It opens immediately towards the sour notes of hybiscus, like its "watery" scent, but they are balanced quite well by the sweet hints of berries - blackberries and blackcurrants -. It's a full-bodied infusion, which wraparound all your mouth, starting from the sour of the hybiscus and finishing on the sweet given by the berries. It leaves a slightly sourand sweetish aftertaste with berries hints (blackberries).


This herbal tea belong to the Fine Tea's line specifically designed for kids,and this is well shown towards the strong balance between the suor notes of the hybiscus and the sweet notes of the berries which like to many kids. Moreover hybiscus and berries are really good pairing together, making this infusion great both for kids and adults. Of course it's without caffeine.

My score is: 7.5/10


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