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Tea type: flavoured green rooibos

Brand: Peter's tea house

How to prepare it: 5 to 8 minutes, 95 °C (205 °F)

Dry scent:

At the beginning there are strong citrus notes - orange - mixed up with the sourness given by apple. Then, a few spicy hints arise, such as ginger and something that reminds me to hibiscus. Lemongrass gives strong lemon notes over a sweet and smooth background made of vanilla. In a certein sense, all these scent recall me fizzy sweets, the one all covered by sugar.

Liquor's colour:

Someone says " gold Gryffindor"

Liquor's scent:

The sour notes of apple, hibiscus and fizzy sweet, are lost giving more space to lemongrass and a few herbal notes. All the others scent are a little bit covered by these last ones, with a few vanilla hints.


Definitely sweet and full-bodied: vanilla dominates over all the sour flavours - the opposite respect to the dry scent -. The main flavour is lemongrass, which is perfectly mixed up with both vanilla's sweetness and orange's freshness. Sometimes there are slight hints of apple. Not an explosion of flavours, but it leaves a quite long, clean citrus aftertaste.


In my opinion this rooibos is more like to an herbal tea, but "who cares about that?". Not to me. There are many fresh flavours - lemongrass and orange - which makes this brew really enjoyable also during summer.



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