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Tea type: Green tea

Brand: Japanese Tea Store

How to prepare it: 30 seconds, 95 - 100°C (212 °F)

Dry scent:

Sweet with light herbal notes. Then an oily sensation arises towards woth toasted rice.

Liquor's colour:


Liquor's scent:

Now, all its scents come out. Initially there are two different types of sweetness: the first one given by the sweet sencha green tea, while the second one comes from the toasted rice, with strong notes of cereals and malt. The roasted rice gives almost a crispy feeling to the infusion, perfectly mixed up with the herbal hints of green tea.


Genmaicha tea, in my opinion, is quite an anomalous tea. In particular, this one has the lightness of a green tea enforced by the sweetness of toasted rice. It is, both at the same time, simple and complex. Initially the main aroma is the one given by the rice, sweet and malty with maybe just a hint of smokyness, while only at the end the herbish notes of sencha tea arises, giving structure to the tea initially and cleaning your mouth at the end, making it ready for a new sip. It leaves a clean, slightly astringent aftertaste, made on herbal notes.


A type tea which must be tasted at least once in your life. This one in particular is perfectly balanced, whith a strong sweetness, but never annoying.

My score is: 9.2/10


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