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Tea type: herbal tea

Brand: Fine Tea

How to prepare it: 5 minutes, 95°C (200 °F)

Dry scent:

Immediately you can smell the strong scent of mint - spearmint - cold and tingling. There are also other herbal scents, but they are totally covered by the mint. However it's quite a sweet herbal tea.

Liquor's colour:


Liquor's scent:

Extremely consistent to the dry one;

almost equal.


At the beginning there is a strong and glacial mint, as before, but there is something more. Its really a thick, but hugely closed, taste, which doesn't easily reveal its secrets. Then some herbal notes comes out, but they doesn't recall to something in particular.

There is no bitterness, with a sweet and

refreshing taste. Slight balsamic mint aftertaste.


An herbal tea which makes mint its main flavour: fresh, full-bodied and nicely balsamic. Sadly all the other scents are quite covered by the mint, making this herbal tea closer to a mint green tea, without its typical bitterness and astringency.

My score is 7.25/10


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