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Tea type: oolong tea

Brand: Paper & Tea

How to prepare it:

  • Quantity: 2 teaspoon per 250ml

  • Water temperature: 85 - 90 °C (180 °F)

  • Steeping time: 60 / 30/ 60 / 90 / 120 seconds

  • Number of infusion: 5

Dry scent:

At first there are huge herbal notes, really rich and thick; then there are slightly fruit hints - strawberry in particular - with a floral sensation. Moreover there is also an interesting background sweetness which recall a little bit to vanilla.

Liquor's colour:

1st steep: bright yellow

2nd steep: equal to the first one

3rd steep: yellow / greenish

4th and 5th steeps: equal to the third one

Liquor's scent:

1st steep: extremely light, but consistent to its dry scent.

2nd steep: definitely stronger and thicker, with huge herbal and strawberry notes.

3rd steep: equal to the first one, but a little bit stronger.

4rd steep: equal to the third one.

5th steep: equal to the fourth one, but weaker.

Liquor's scent:

  • 1st steep: really gentle, light and smooth at the same time, but with strong herbal notes

which are really consistent with its dry scent. Then there are strawberry hints with the same floral sensation. It leaves a light aftertaste.

  • 2nd steep: extremely more powerfull than the previous one. It's really sweet, giving almost the idea of somthing sugary. Of course the are the same herbal and strawberry notes, but stronger and thicker. Now seems to "taste" for real its dry scent. It leaves a sweet herbish aftertaste.

  • 3rd steep: weaker then the second one and closer to the first one. However now there more herbal notes than fruity ones, still with the same previous sweetness. Now it leaves a slightly astrigent aftertaste.

  • 4th steep: weaker than the third one and definitely more watery. However it's quite consistent with the previous one.

  • 5th steep: extremely weaker than the fourth one. There still the same herbal notes, but you can feel that all the aromas have been extracted from the leaves.


The dry scent of this tea is something really huge and strong: just when you open the tin you can smell it in all its power. Despite its light watery scent, it tastes really strong, especially the second steep, which is, in my opinion, the best one. If you have the opportunity, you must try this tea. One of the best oolong tea that I have ever tried.

My score is: 9/10


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