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Tea type: Flavoured Oolong tea

Brand: Leaves and Water

How to prepare it: 2-3 minutes, 80-90°C ( °F)

Dry scent:

It's really sweet, like as opening a new pack full of candies, and intense. Then some fruity and herbal notes star to arise both at the same time.

Liquor's colour:

Deep yellow.

Liquor's scent:

Truly consistent with its dry scent, but now the herbal notes from the oolong tea used as base and the floral ones by osmanthus are stronger than before. At the end a

really smooth hint arises, recalling a little bit to milky oolong.


Differently from what I expected by its scents, it shows the typical smooth, herbal notes of an oolong tea and only later all the other aromas arise. There is always that sweet feeling from its previous scents, especially from the dry one, but it comes out only at the end, without covering the tea. It's also present a floral bitterness which perfectly balance the strong sweetness from its flavouring. It leaves a

light aftertaste.


At first I though to be in front of an extremely flavoured tea which doesn't give space to the natural aroma of the tea used as base, but I was wrong! The ooloong tea is the main character of the brew, with its sweet and herbal notes at the beginning, and only in a second time all the flavouring arise, with an interesting contrast between sweet and bitter notes.

My score is: 7.5/10


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