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Tea type: black tea

Brand: Mittal Tea

How to prepare it: 3 to 4 minutes, 90/95 °C (195/203 °F)

Dry scent:

It has an intense scent, with quite a strong herbal note, which reminds me a little bit to a Darjeeling first flush. Beside this herbish aroma, there is also a strong woody one, with spicy hints like nutmeg. Then, quite a huge sweetness arises, sometimes showing a fruity side, other times closer to a herbal/woody dimension.

Liquor's colour:


Liquor's scent:

I would expected a strong woody scent, but at first it's really sweet with lots of ripe fruits and sometimes also floral. Then it shows huge, dark woody notes with also its tannins. At the end there is also something close to dried fruit - maybe walnut? -.


At first it's a little bit strange, prickly, showing a slightly sourness which mix up with its strong woody notes. Then it changes, with sweet herbal hints and few tannins typical of this tea. At the end there

is a sweet aftertaste made up both of exotic

ripe fruits and an astringent herbish hint.


This Nilgiri black tea sometimes reminds me to a Darjeeling first flush, with its sweet herbal and woody notes. Extremely interesting is that ripe fruits sweetness which gives to this tea an uncommon aromatic profile. Perfect to be drunk during the mid-morning or in thr afternoon.

My score is: 8.3/10


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