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Tea type: Dark Oolong Tea

Brand: Dear Tea Society

How to prepare it: rinse for 3 sec, 2 minutes, 90 °C ( 195 °F)

Dry scent:

At first it recalls to yellow teas, with strong notes of dried fruits; especially walnuts and hazelnuts. Then, a thick and dense background sweetness made of milk chocolate arises - milk chocolate with hazelnut -. A slightly floral hint at the end.

Liquor's colour:

Dark orange.

Liquor's scent:

Definitely different with respect to it dry scent, sweeter and gentler, with a fruitish finish - peach and red currants -. Still present the hazelnut hints, but less strong. Few woody notes at the end.

Liquor's taste:

Compact and closed on itself; less "explosive" as I would expected. It's sweet, but not sweetish, balanced, with hints of sweet cocoa - sweet cocoa powder, like when you open the package just before using it for cooking a chocolate pie - and hazelnut. It's a "dry" tea, with a strong astringent component, but still keeping its gentlness and smothness. The slightly sour note of red currants, now, disappears. It leaves a dry aftertaste.


A dark oolong tea made of thousand different shades, spacing from the dried fruits to sweet chocolate, from red fruits to floral notes. What gain in scent it's a little bit lost in the taste, which tends to be a slightly too compact and closed on itself, but very intersting.

My score is: 8.25/10


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