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Tea type: black tea Brand: Dammann Frères

How to prepare it: 4/5 minutes, 90 °C, 2g per 200ml

Dry scent:

In the first place, a huge fragrance of orange and cherry reminding of Christmas time: a good start for a Christmas tea, ain't it? These two main flavours are surrounded by some smooth sweetness which perfectly mixes the two scents up.

Liquor's colour:

Bright brown.

Liquor's scent:

Consistent with the dry scent: orange and cherryish. But the essences are weaker now, fading into the taste of black tea which adds body and texture to the scent..


Primarily orange is the main character, but few seconds later cherry comes out. In this phase black tea gives body and sustains both the flavours. Then a slight sour note gets perceivable, but still not being unpleasant: on the contrary it

guides you to the final, all built up on the slight bitterness of the black tea.


In my opinion this is The Christmas tea, and usually it's the tea to which I compare all the other holiday-teas. Why say that? It just reminds me christmas time whenever. Dont’ think you need to know further.

My score is 9.5/10


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