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Tea type: flavoured black tea

Brand: Paper & Tea

How to prepare it: 3 minutes, 90°C (194 °F)

Dry scent:

It's a very rich scent with many strong flavours all at the same time. At first there is a strong fresh sensation - the strongest upon all the teas that I have ever tried -; then a strong sweetness arises, but prickly at the same time, with huge citrusy notes. It gives really a mediterranean idea through all the citrus and wild berries notes. Moreover all its flavours are so strong that it seems to be almost juicy and fizzy. After some time, the bergamot aroma is shown up - sweet and almost balsamic - still with wild berries hints in the background.

Liquor's colour:

Bright orange.

Liquor's scent:

Completely different than before with strong jasmine notes. Then there are a few hints from the black tea used as a base together with citrusy notes.


It's an earl grey in all its shades: the first aroma that you taste is, indeed, bergamot,

but then others starts to show up. Firstly there is a strong sweetness from jasmine, which bring also a slightly astringency, and at the same time prickly and fresh notes of wild berries - like juniper -. At the end there is a weka floral sensation. It leaves a strong, slighlty astringent and bitter, aftertaste made up around bergamot.


Really an interesting variation of the classic earl grey. Its scent is really explosive, fresh and rich, while its taste is more classic - close to the classic earl grey -, with new enjoyable shades of juniper and jasmine.

My score is: 8.5/10


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