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Tea type: flavoured black tea

Brand: Kusmi Tea

How to prepare it: 3-4 minutes, 90°C (190 °F)

Dry scent:

Strong citrusy notes - like essential oil - of lemon, lime and orange, which give and extremely freshness and fizzyness to its scent. Moreover, in the background, there is quite a peculiar sweetness which sometimes recall a little bit to vanilla. However it's really different and maybe it could be the Ylang-ylang.

Liquor's colour:


Liquor's scent:

Really consistent to the dry one, especially with this peculiar sweetness, stronger than ever. Then a few woody notes of the black tea used as base arises.


Sweet and quite prickly: there lots of citrusy notes - lemon and lime in particular -, but then the Ylang-ylang start to arises with its sweetness and spicyness, becoming the main flavour. It's really consistent with its scents. At the end strong hints af bergamot are shown. It leaves a clean,

fresh aftertaste made up on lemon and lime sorrounded by a few notes of Ylang-ylang.


A flavoured black tea which show citrus fruit in all their shades: from lemon to lime and from orange to bergamot. What makes this tea so intruiguing is the Ylang-ylang's flavour, which is able to mix up perfectly all theese flavours adding a sort of spicyness. Beside all, it's a light, but full-bodied tea, really fresh and prickly. One of the best citrus fruits flavoured tea.

My score is: 8.5/10


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