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Updated: Dec 3, 2018

Tea type: flavoured pu-erh tea

Brand: Dear Tea Society

How to prepare it: rinse for 3 sec, steep for 2 minutes at 95-100 °C (205-212 °F)

Multiple steeps: yes

Dry scent:

There is immediately a strong, thick coconut flavour and also a really huge sweetness which almost recall to alchol, like smelling a fruit cocktail on the beach. Such a scent recall a little bit the one of "Nirvana" (click to read also its review). Then a more mineral dimension arises, recalling a little bit the scent of certain whisky - Balvenie? -. At the end there are slight chocolate hints.

Liquor's colour:

Bright brown for the first two steeps and pale orange for the third one.

Liquor's scent:

  • First steep: quite close to the dry one, with sweet notes of coconut, but less than before - like the "whisky" notes -. However now the pu-erh tea scent is show up with its charateristic earty hints.

  • Second steep: equal to the first one but less intense

  • Third steep: some sweet notes of coconut


  • First steep: the main character of this tea is, without any doubt, the pu-erh tea with its notes. It's quite amazing how theese flavouring, especially coconut, pairing to each others: the coconut sweetness balance the earthy notes given by pu-erh, but at the same time that sweetness is muted by it. At the end there are some sweet chocolate hints. It leaves a light sweet and astringent aftertaste.

  • Second steep: closer to the first one, but sweeter. There are more coconut notes than pu-erh ones.

  • Third steep: really a light infusion with a few pu-erh notes at the end.


A flavoured pu-erh tea which prefer to shown its tea rather than to cover it (like many other similar blends in which are present extremely strong flavouring). The sweetness given by the coconut make really an intruiging contrast with the pu-erh, making this tea suitable both for all those one who want to try pu-erh tea for the first time, but also for the "veterans" in search of something different.

My score is: 8/10


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