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Tea type: flavoured green tea Brand: Tea&Be

How to prepare it: 3 minutes, 80°C (175 °F)

Dry scent: At the beginning there are lots of different flavours: initially it reminds me licorice and anise, really sweet and fresh, like there was also some mint. Then spicy notes follows: cardamom, cloves and fennel seeds are the strongest ones. Sweet wood - still licorice -, almost balsamic, something like there was also some pepper. Prickly.

Liquor's colour:

Dark yellow/green.

Liquor’s scent:

Really consistent to the previous one. However now the spicy notes are stronger than the woody ones: cardamom, cloves and pepper are the main flavours. Follows a slight background sweetness.


Firstly there are hints of licorice, but immediately it goes around spicy notes. It’s spicy, but too much: it’s very smooth and light. The matcha’s sweetness is a little bit covered by all he surrounding flavours, but it gives more body to the brew - more thick -.

Sencha green tea arises at the end, leaving an herbal, slightly astringent, aftertaste.


You can think this tea as a lighter and more modern revisiting of the chai tea. A very well union between India and Japan. Perfect in the afternoon, really endearing.



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