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Tea type: flavoured green tea Brand: Dammann Frères

How to prepare it: 3-4 minutes, 90°C (195 °F)

Dry scent: At first both strong notes of grapefruit and jasmine, definitely very sweet. Then, sour herbal notes emerge, which are typical of certain green teas. There’s a hazy background sweetness, which reminds of grape. Slight floral notes.

Liquor's colour:

Dark yellow.

Liquor's scent:

Same herbal notes with grapefruit hints,

but it gets more and more bitter. Still, it has a strong jasmine flavor.


The honeish jasmine taste comes out immediately and slowly evolves into grapefruit. The two are the main flavours of this tea. It’s sweet, but not sugary; herbal notes oppose to this strong sweetness, giving a more balanced brew. In the end, it fades in strong mordancy.


A light, sweet and enjoyable flavoured green tea, especially in the afternoon. It’s better to drink solo rather than with some biscuits, due to its final astringency. Really sweet and refreshing when cold-brewed.



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