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For the first time I want to summarize what happened during this year. I'm not a person who think to have something of interest to say, but maybe this time I leave you the "weight" of this decision (please don't focus to much about my errors). So, where to start..?

For me 2019 have been the year of my graduation, and this is why I basically stopped the website. I literally had no time in order to write any reviews and I'm really sorry for this even if they are read by just few people. I didn't started Godsavetheteablog with the intention of becoming the new Chiara Ferragni of tea, but as any project in which you made efforts, you would like that it works (in someway). And I can say that besides actually I'm less than a drop in the ocean, I obtained some results. However my main goal still rely on physics, and with a hint of luck, on may, I will start a PhD, but that's another story (finger crossed).

I have lots of teas that must be reviewed yet, and if you that are reading this is one who sent me a sample (first of all I still thank you for that), don't be afraid: they are still there ready to be reviewed. I will make my best, promise!

Many people often ask me how my passion for tea was born, and the answer, as usually, is just "by accident". Ok, let me explain better: three years ago I was with Chiara in Bologna (really a beatifull city, if you have the opportunity to visit it, just do it. Even just for the food: believe me)

and everyday we walked in front of the typical luxury cafe too expesive for us. So, as usual, we decided to go there the last day of our holiday. I've always drunk tea, the classic english breakfast by twining, so reading the list of teas I choose a christmas tea (first time for me), a russian one (maybe Kusmi tea?). The brought me the wrong one, but for me it was ok. That tea was the Christmas tea by Dammann Freres and I liked it so much that i decided to explore a little bit this new world made of teas. Once I discovered how to buy it near where I live, my passion for the tea defintely come out. I still keep the original envelope of that tea bag in my wallet.

The idea behind this project was born when I realized the difficulty of finding a simple, brief review about teas. I mean, I don't like buying something having no idea of what is, and so I decided to wirte down something which, hopefully, could help other people which were in the same situation of mine. I don't know if someone have found my reviews usefull, but I like to think so.

I really would like to share my opinion with you and viceversa, but I find out that sometimes it is difficult, but maybe in 2020 I will make more efforts along this direction. If you find my work usefull (or totally the opposite), let me know. Even just to say hello or if you have some advices. I'm really happy to be in contact with new people, especially around the world. Hope to not have bored anyone and if you like help me to share my reviews.

A last question: would like to read a reviews about a digestive herbal tea? I have eaten too much during these days ahahah. Let me know!


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