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Dragon's tea


Previously we have seen different type of teas, all of them identified with a specific color: black, green, white, yellow, dark (even if it isn't a real color), also red if you want. And now? In it's name there isn't any color, so does it have one? the answer is...YES! 
This tea is also called blue tea, from the word "woolong", even if it isn't blue.

It's name, "oolong", means black dragon, but i don't know why.
In order to make it, after the haversting of the leaves, they are put in a basket and then shaken.
In this way their membranes are crushed, and this makes the oxidation process possible.
However only it's membrane becomes oxidated like black tea, and in fact it becomes a little bit brown. 


Thanks to this different oxidation process, is possible to find two different type of oolong tea:  

  • a lower degree of oxidation which generally keeps the green color of the leaves (as in the photo)

  • a higher degree of oxidation which gives a brown color


However in high oxidated oolong tea, the degree of oxidation isn't at the same level of the black one, it's a little bit lower and so it also doesn't taste as strong. 
Flavored version of this tea could be found on the market.


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