types of tea

matcha tea

The Japanese iconic tea


The quality of tea is generally measured looking at its leaves: a bigger leaf generally means a higher quality. Usually in the cheap sachets is tea powder, so in this way they can give you a product with a lower price. However there is always an exception and it's called Matcha. 
Matcha tea is probably the most iconic japanese tea and it has a unique feature: it's the only tea in which all the leaf is eaten! It's a green tea, and its shiny green color(almost unbelievable!) is something hypnotic!

Also how it is prepared is different: 

  • first you have to warm your cup with hot water (at the right temperature) and then dry it

  • add some matcha powder and then adding water

  • Mix with a whisk until the characteristic bubbles are showing (you can also use a milk shaker instead of a bamboo whisk)

Because you eat all the whole leaf, the quantity of theine in this tea is higher in respect to all the other teas; in fact it was initially drunk by the Buddhist monks in order to stay awake during the night for praying.​

As all other teas, exixts different quality of matcha:

  • cerimonial grade: the top quality matcha which is exclusively used to prepar to tea. Its color is very very deep green and only the best leaves are used in order to make it

  • premium grade: a step under the ceremonial one; its color isn't as green as the first one, but it costs less. You can use it to prepare your cup of matcha or to cook

  • culinary grade: the lower quality, made from both leaf and also the branch. Its color is more similar to brown than green and it is used only for cooking: it doesn't have a good taste.

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